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Kaz Hirai - Playstation 3 Interview (October 2006)

by Kikizo

Published 2006

Kikizo interviews Kaz Hirai, then Vice President of Sony's Corporate Executive, in October 2006. The interview was done in the 'PlayStation Lounge', a luxury dining suite near the top of SCEI's global headquarters building.

Questions of course centre on Sony and the PlayStation 3, this being done before the release of the console in November 2006. There are a lot of business questions, prediction questions and strategy questions, and a few humorous ones towards the end - see the segments list for more information.

The original video page is available at Kikizo. Thanks to Kikizo for the source.

Run time 00:10:52
Producer Kikizo
Audio/Visual Windows Media Audio 44100Hz stereo 96Kbps (kikizo_ed480p60_kazhirai_ps3interview_oct06.wmv), Windows Media Video 9 856x480 60.00fps 1877Kbps (kikizo_ed480p60_kazhirai_ps3interview_oct06.wmv)
Language English
Contact Information Kikizo; <a href="></a>


<ul><li>Sony's changed attitude since E3
</li><li>Showing PS3 off to consumers for the first time
</li><li>"We don't want to make announcements that have no meaning"
</li><li>PlayStation profitability - "making huge contributions"
</li><li>Losing IP exclusivity on titles like Assassin's Creed
</li><li>PS3 a "completely different entertainment experience"
</li><li>Sixasis and loss of rumble - why not settle with Immersion
</li><li>Input functionality more important than feedback device
</li><li>If HD-DVD prevails where is PS3 left for movie playback?
</li><li>SCEA not concerned with Blu-ray, but establishing PS3
</li><li>Launch supplies and ramping up production for Holidays
</li><li>Strategic delay of the European launch
</li><li>Strong platform six or seven years from now
</li><li>No Riiiidge Racer or Massive Damage jokes - guaranteed.


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